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Everyone knows that gear changes are a must during a day full of track racing. We’ve been racing with bloody knuckles for so long, I can’t believe that I’ve never seen a tool like this before. This chainring bolt tool from VAR Tools is the perfect thing to help with those quick gear swaps on the infield.

There are two different versions available — the PE-35200 is the classic version and the PE-35500 is the new version which can switch between a Campy Torx head and a traditional allen key head. Since the VAR Tools website is in French, the real trick is figuring out how to order one of these things but you can take a gander at their catalog in English.

Photos taken by Cycling WMD.

that’s pretty cool.

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    i’d buy this.
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    Why would anyone consider buying this? The first thing my Track Coach taught me…Super glue the back nut into the crank....
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    This is very neat.
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    Big ass tool for such a simple thing. This is unnecessary xD
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    that’s pretty cool.
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